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What to visit?


L’Ametlla de Mar (La Cala)

L´Ametlla de Mar (La Cala), is located in the center of the Golf of San Jorge, in the south of Catalonia. Between small rocky coves where the pines gently touch the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, where nature and the sky merge, in that corner we can distinguish the small population of little more than eight thousand inhabitants.

Ebro Delta Natural Park

The Ebro Delta, with its 320 km2 of surface, constitutes the most extensive aquatic habitat in Catalonia and presents a rich diversity of environments. River, sea, bays, beaches, dunes, riparian forests, coastal lagoons, river islands and pots make up their natural landscape, and, together with rice paddies, they host a great diversity of organisms (birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates...) adapted to the Different habitats. This biological richness contrasts with the deep human presence.

Natural Park Els Ports

Located between Catalonia, Valencia and Aragon, this calcareous massif, with rugged and abrupt relief, has been humanized since prehistoric times. Still, the territory of the ports is presented to us today as a wild natural space full of wildlife.

Terres de L´Ebre, biosphere Reserve

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia

Cradle of Catalan culture, among many other cultures and civilizations, witness of great transformations like the Industrial Revolution or the Civil war among so many others, Barcelona has a fascinating history.

Tarragona, Living History

An amazing city where you can discover a millenary civilization. Dinner under the vaults of the Roman circus, get lost in the alleys of the old town where the essence of the medieval city remains intact or make a vermouth immersed in more than 2,000 years of history. This is the true patrimony of the humanity of Tarragona! A patrimony made of transcendental monuments for the history, of corners able to move to Roman, medieval, modern and modernist times.

Reus, the modernist city

Of medieval origin and with almost a thousand years of history, the city lived its moment of splendour from the XVIII century, thanks to the exportation of the brandy that was produced in the city. At the end of the 19th and early twentieth centuries, the large modernist-style buildings were built in Reus, becoming, after Barcelona, the most important modernist city in Catalonia.

Today, the city has one of the most important modernist buildings in Europe, which can be discovered with the route of modernism, an itinerary for the 26 buildings of this style most prominent in the city, among which stand out Especially the works of the great architect Lluís Domènech and Montaner, who built in Reus the Pere Mata Institute, the Navàs House, the Rull house and the Gasull house.

Home town of Antoni Gaudí, Reus also preserves the most emblematic places of childhood and the youth of the architect, who will be able to know walking along the Gaudí route, as well as a modern centre of Interpreatción dedicated exclusively to the life and work of the genius, the Gaudí Center.

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